Tom Miralia: Could Distribution Technology Solve Your Logistics Challenges?

July 16, 2020 | Third-Party Logistics (3PL)

Distribution Technology’s President & CEO Tom Miralia learned the importance of intact and on-time delivery at age nine, when he started working in distribution, pulling his wagon down the street to deliver fresh eggs to his neighbors.

Since 2005, he has guided his teams at Distribution Technology to ensure your goods consistently arrive safely, damage free, on time, and cost-effectively.

Miralia has been with the family company more than 30 years, working his way up from warehouseman in the 1980s to Vice President of Operations in 1997 to CEO in 2005. Before joining Distribution Technology in 1988 as its full-time industrial engineer, he worked as a nuclear engineer for Duke Energy.

These experiences in warehousing, operations, and engineering have uniquely equipped him to prepare his Key Performance Indicators award-winning teams to solve many supply chain challenges, from the simplest to most complex. He understands what everyone in the process brings to the table, and he can recognize, monitor, and resolve issues anywhere along the line.

“Rarely do I see anything tougher than I saw as an engineering student and nuclear engineer,” he said.

The rigorous guidelines of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission compelled him to become extremely thoughtful, meticulous, and accurate, and because of that, you can count on him and his team to solve complicated and difficult distribution puzzles.

“Tom instills in his team the need to probe deep to learn how a client’s business runs, not to a granular level but to a subatomic level,” said David Define, director of client solutions. “And in the rare instance that an issue develops, we dig into the root causes and take corrective and preventive steps to remedy it. If we can recommend ways the client might improve efficiencies in their process, we communicate that to the client, as well. By making their business better and stronger, it makes Distribution Technology better and stronger.” 

Distribution Technology is not just another carrier-oriented 3PL but more precisely is a full-service company that takes great care “of our depositors’ and shippers’ products and goods by utilizing our facilities, systems, equipment, fixtures, and organization to process receipts, store products, and process and select orders, as opposed to simply ‘shipping,’” said Miralia, “although, in the end, shipping is what happens. We also help with freight planning and provide brokerage and, in some cases, function as the local cartage carrier.”

He enjoys striving to meet whatever challenges arise “to get a win for us and our partners. When we are hungry to accomplish tasks and assignments for customers, we support their growth and simultaneously develop our people. We win only if others benefit as well.”

Miralia’s winning-together attitude, thoroughness, respect for others, ability to treat people fairly, and consistent reliability in meeting key performance indicators has fostered Distribution Technology’s culture of establishing great, long-term client relationships.

“I invite interested companies to explore us to see if we fit your specific logistics concerns,” Miralia said. “We want to reach companies that need the kinds of things we do for the kinds of things they need done. We are not the answer to all of everyone’s logistics concerns, but we may be an answer to some of your specific concerns. In fact, we could be a tremendous answer.”