Distribution Technology Affiliates

Distribution Technology Affiliates Forging Partnerships with Vision and Virtue

At the heart of Charlotte, NC, Distribution Technology is a logistics powerhouse that is also a community-centric entity, passionately championing talent, catalyzing professional ascents, and leaving indelible marks on our community’s tapestry. The Distribution Technology affiliates span purpose-driven businesses, reputable associations, charitable endeavors, and local catalysts, all echoing our foundational principles. Through these associations, we strive to amplify Charlotte’s status as a flourishing hub for both professional endeavors and enriched living.

SmartWay Transport Partnership - Distribution Technology Affiliate

EPA's SmartWay Initiative

We are proudly affiliated with the EPA’s SmartWay program, a beacon of supply chain sustainability. The initiative plays a pivotal role in enhancing the green quotient of freight transportation, ensuring both efficiency and environmental responsibility.

SmartWay Transport Partnership - Distribution Technology Affiliate

Southeastern Warehouse Association (SWA)

A legacy dating back to 1919, SWA congregates logistics maestros and warehousing vanguards. Their mission, aligning with ours, underscores the significance of warehousing in the expansive global supply chain while fostering invaluable business and community ties.

SmartWay Transport Partnership - Distribution Technology Affiliate

WERC (Warehousing Education and Research Council)

WERC is a professional organization focused on logistics and supply chain management. It provides education, research, and networking opportunities for professionals in the warehousing and distribution industry.

SmartWay Transport Partnership - Distribution Technology Affiliate

TeamDCA (Distribution Centers of America)

Each DCA member company brings regional best expertise and connections for top caliber service for fast-moving, high touch, high volume industries.

SmartWay Transport Partnership - Distribution Technology Affiliate

IWLA (International Warehouse Logistics Association)

IWLA is an industry association representing third-party logistics (3PL) providers and warehouse operators. It advocates for the interests of the warehousing and logistics industry and offers resources and networking for its members.

SmartWay Transport Partnership - Distribution Technology Affiliate

NCWA (North Carolina Warehouse Association)

The North Carolina Warehouse Association is comprised of the best third party warehouse operators in the state.

Our members are industry leaders dedicated to superior service who offer a host of logistics solutions at competitive rates.

SmartWay Transport Partnership - Distribution Technology Affiliate

ASI Food Grade Certification

Beyond meeting regulatory requirements and demonstrating adherence to industry best practices, FSSC 22000 practices enhance operational efficiency by mitigating risks associated with food safety hazards. Addressing supplier and customer expectations, especially for major brands and retailers, becomes achievable through this certification, reassuring stakeholders about elevated food safety standards. The audit process itself instigates a culture of continuous improvement, identifying avenues for refining food safety management systems.

SmartWay Transport Partnership - Distribution Technology Affiliate

Norfolk Southern

Norfolk Southern is a major North American transportation company specializing in rail freight transportation. They operate a vast network of railroads and provide freight shipping services across the United States.


Spotlights on Our Excellence

In the heart of Charlotte, NC’s vibrant logistics arena, Distribution Technology has continually garnered attention and recognition from esteemed industry platforms. It’s not just about rankings; it’s an affirmation of our unwavering commitment to provide top-tier logistic solutions to our partners.

Inbound Logistics Top 100 3PL Provider 2023

Top 100 3PL 2023

This updated ranking from the July edition features an amalgamation of iconic entities, niche 3PL experts, and new-age companies carving their niche in specialized logistics services.

Inbound Logistics Top 3PL Provided 2022 - Distribution Technology

Top 100 3PL for the Last 15 Years

An annual compilation by Inbound Logistics, this extensive chart celebrates the crème de la crème of the logistics world, from industry titans to niche specialists, as well as those who bring innovative logistics solutions to the forefront.