Distribution Technology Values


Our Values Are the Pillars of Our Legacy in Logistics

For over five decades, Distribution Technology values have resulted in the company being a beacon in Charlotte, NC, cultivating deep-rooted relationships within our vibrant community and our esteemed clientele.

Driven by our unwavering commitment to exceptional service and spearheading logistic innovations, we’ve fostered bonds that transcend professional partnerships. Our guiding pillars—teamwork, quality, reliability, and flexibility—are the compass for our decisions, shaping our forward-looking vision and anchoring our legacy. These cornerstone values champion trust, ignite results, mark our triumphs, and guarantee our resilience in the ever-shifting logistics landscape.

A Team, representing Distribution Technology value of teamwork; 5 individuals standing and sitting on pallets inside a warehouse


Effective teamwork and collaboration defines our operations at Distribution Technology. Within our teams, with our strategic partners, and in synergy with our clients, we echo a prevailing sentiment of mutual growth. We strongly advocate for teamwork, understanding that elevating each member transcends into exceptional service delivery for you.

Distribution Technology value - Quality; Tall young man talk with a shorter lady with clipboard in her hand; background is warehouse


Quality, for Distribution Technology, is not merely a benchmark—it’s our solemn pledge. Rooted in Charlotte, NC, we consistently maintain the highest standards in every facet, reinforcing our position as leaders in the logistics realm. From the crafted solutions we deliver to the enduring relationships we cultivate, quality is our signature. It’s this continuous pursuit of unmatched excellence that amplifies the trust our partners invest in us.

lady and man at a computer, reviewing information from a sheet of paper


The dynamic nature of logistics demands steadfast reliability—a core Distribution Technology value, held sacrosanct. Rain or shine, our clients can confidently lean on our promise to deliver, fortified by consistent service and transparent dialogues. This unwavering dependability has sculpted our legacy of trust, offering our partners an assurance of unmatched capability.

person in a forklift and another person standing outside the forklift, both smiling at camera; background is pallets


In the ever-changing logistics sector, being adaptable is key to success. Distribution Technology is agile, always primed to recalibrate, customize, and evolve our strategies, ensuring they align seamlessly with your unique challenges and aspirations. Our hallmark lies in our ability to craft personalized solutions, navigate unforeseen shifts, and harness novel opportunities. Entrusting your logistics with us guarantees a partnership characterized by agility and precision.