Distribution Technology makes the supply chain as seamless as possible for our clients, through port services, warehousing, distribution, and transportation to their destinations safely, damage free and on time. Our expansive complex of warehouses and distribution centers in Charlotte, North Carolina, are fully resourced to excel in total logistics and transportation demands for a broad range of industries. From our centralized location, we are well positioned to connect to multiple points throughout the country via ground, air, and rail.

We also can route raw materials and goods to nearly every city in the United States through our freight brokerage division, IFB, using our network of less-than-truckload, LTL, and full-truckload, FTL, carriers.

We offer container drayage service with seaports in the Southeast to facilitate international logistics.

The steady, uninterrupted, fast-track supply chain we provide generates a smooth, reliable, and welcome productivity for our partners. Our highly successful, integrated logistics practice with transportation management helps solve your complicated distribution puzzles, demonstrates the most efficient processes possible, provides personalized service, and leverages volume to deliver cost savings to you.

We measure our success by our record of excelling at meeting your transportation requirements in all key areas: on-time pickup, on-time delivery, damage-free delivery, and invoicing accuracy.


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