At the heart of an efficient ecommerce fulfillment operation is pick-and-pack services that are reliable, prompt and accurate.

The pick-and-pack process centers on when a warehouse team member picks an order from inventory and brings it to a designated location where the order is packaged and labeled – making it equipped to go on its way. For ecommerce, which often involves unique, individual orders, the pick-and-pack process is particularly vital, playing a central role in the accuracy, speed, and reliability of orders – and therefore of the customer experience.

At warehouse and fulfillment provider PDC Fulfillment (a division of Distribution Technology, a third-party logistics provider based in Charlotte, North Carolina), we have the expertise and experience in pick-and-pack to deliver cost savings and excellent customer service to our ecommerce clients. We pursue continuous improvement in every detail of the pick-and-pack process in order to identify new efficiencies for our clients and their customers. In this way, we help our clients build brand loyalty and a highly effective supply chain.

Here are some keys to our approach.

Our order fulfillment team members

For PDC Fulfillment, it starts with the team. Picking and packing for ecommerce is a labor-intensive component of order fulfillment. We emphasize training throughout our warehouse, and our team members who manage the pick-and-pack process are well-equipped to ensure orders receive prompt attention and accurate fulfillment. PDC Fulfillment’s focus on a great working environment and competitive compensation helps us retain employees, ensuring that experienced, well-trained, and highly engaged team members are picking and packing your goods with pride. Team members have clear communication and expectations so there is never any confusion about their roles and responsibilities, and we prioritize safety above all to ensure our team always works in a safe environment.

Packaging specifics

We understand that not all goods are the same – and neither are their packaging needs. PDC Fulfillment works with an array of ecommerce clients, and we take the time as an experienced 3PL to work with each one to understand their preferences and needs in the packaging process. We offer flexible packaging options and tailor the picking-and-packing process to what works best for each client and their goods. No matter your organization, you will want a 3PL partner who will make the effort to meet your specific needs. Packaging is a crucial piece of the customer service puzzle, and PDC Fulfillment can help give your brand an important boost by tailoring its services to give your ecommerce customers the experience that will bring them back for repeat orders.

Processes and resources

Efficiency is paramount in ecommerce pick-and-pack. Customers have high expectations for quick turnarounds of their orders – and so our clients do, too. If you use a 3PL for pick-and-pack, you will want to make sure that they manage an efficient fulfillment operation with an approach that includes a warehouse management system and standards for productivity. The warehouse never should be the source of delays or inaccurate order fulfillment. At PDC Fulfillment, we take steps such as using warehouse slotting to organize inventory and minimize the traveling that our pick-and-pack team members need to do to fulfill orders. Shorter routes mean quicker picking and faster orders. We develop picking approaches that are natural and straightforward for our team members so that they can act both quickly and confidently. Established standards help hold us accountable and focused on optimizing performance.

Managing surges

No matter the order volume your business experiences, picking and packing orders can put a strain on internal supply-chain processes and cause bottlenecks in the system. If you offer free delivery or next-day delivery, our fulfillment center can ensure orders are picked, packed and shipped just as you promise your customers. Our precise, prompt pick-and-pack operation can help you manage the ebbs and flows of demand that are inevitable in the marketplace. Because of our fast network of resources, we can respond quickly to increases in order volume or navigate slower periods without forcing you to incur unnecessary costs for labor and shelf space.

With PDC Fulfillment as your e-commerce partner, you can enjoy integrated logistics solutions as your business grows. Let us enhance your operation and accelerate your company’s growth with inventory storage capacity, processes that improve efficiency, and technology that enables innovation. For more information, contact us today.