Charlotte, North Carolina, hometown of Distribution Technology, a third-party logistics provider, offers a wide array of advantages as the location for a fulfillment center and the launch point for a shipper’s fulfillment and distribution needs. Located in a state renowned for its business climate and blessed by geography to be quickly accessible to much of the United States, Charlotte is ideal for shippers eager to develop and maintain an efficient and cost-effective supply chain operation that fuels the growth of their business.

Distribution Technology, one of the top-ranked 3PLs in the country, has called Charlotte home for more than 50 years, helping a range of businesses navigate the ever-changing demands and opportunities of distributing their raw materials and products. We understand what makes Charlotte a special place to do business. Here are some of the biggest advantages the Charlotte area has to offer as a distribution point for ecommerce fulfillment, and distribution of your goods.

An Enviable Workforce

Charlotte is booming, and that’s nothing new. The city and surrounding region have enjoyed strong, steady growth for years, creating a deep labor pool of diverse backgrounds, talents and expertise – as well as a large and varied customer base. In fact, metro-to-metro migration data from the U.S. Census Bureau ranks Charlotte as the No. 9 fastest-growing population in the country, according to the Charlotte Observer. The Charlotte Regional Business Alliance estimates approximately 100 people move to the region every day, attracted by such strengths as a low cost of living, affordable neighborhoods and a rich variety of living options – from vibrant urban areas to idyllic small towns and rural areas. Charlotte itself has a population of 900,000, making it the largest city in North Carolina and the 15th-largest in the U.S., and the the broader Charlotte-Concord-Gastonia metro area has an estimated 2.7 million people. For Distribution Technology and our customers, all this spells accessibility to great team members who are equipped and motivated to excel in every component of our operations.


Charlotte’s central location on the East Coast between major ports and inland cities gives it straightforward access to a large portion of the United States. The region can boast similar travel distances to New York, Miami, Chicago, St. Louis and New Orleans. In fact, shippers using a distribution center such as Distribution Technology’s facilities in Charlotte can reach 53% of the U.S. population in two hours by plane and 12 hours by truck, according to the Charlotte Regional Business Alliance. The easy availability of both Interstates 85 and 77 provide fast-moving links to the Northeast, Southeast and Midwest. Charlotte’s prime location in North Carolina gives it unusual advantages for shipping both north and south up the coast with relative ease and speed. The city is also little more than three hours by road from the bustling Port of Wilmington.


In addition to the intersection of two major interstate highways, the Charlotte region is rich with supply chain infrastructure resources that support travel by road, rail and air – with convenient proximity to water. Charlotte Douglas International Airport is the sixth-busiest airport in the country. In addition to more than 44 million passengers annually, more than 150,000 tons of cargo are shipped through the airport each year. Meanwhile, CSX offers direct rail service to the Port of Wilmington, and the North Carolina Ports Authority operates an inland terminal that links the port with Charlotte-area shippers. The highways and several major railroad lines connect Distribution Technology quickly with not only Charlotte-area distribution channels but with other nearby airports, ports and main arteries. This makes it simple for us to perform cross docking, drayage, fulfillment services and distribution of goods throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, northern Georgia (including Atlanta), across the United States, and around the world. In addition, Charlotte’s status as a major commerce center includes multiple large Amazon distribution centers, and Distribution Technology collaborates closely with Amazon’s partners and suppliers and can guide our clients through their delivery processes.

Business environment

North Carolina consistently rates highly in any rankings of the best states for doing business. CNBC, for instance, placed North Carolina No. 2 in its 2021 rankings of the top states for business. The state ranked in the outlet’s top 10 in such crucial areas as economy, workforce, business friendliness, access to capital, and technology and innovation – giving North Carolina an unusually balanced and appealing business climate for a range of businesses. Labor costs, other business costs and the regulatory environment are all widely understood to be hospitable for businesses and their growth. The state even earned a perfect A+ grade from CNBC for its overall economy, which the outlet called “a boon to business.” It’s no wonder the Charlotte area claims such a rich diversity of businesses – from banking and pharmaceuticals to automotive and textiles.

At Distribution Technology, we are part of what makes Charlotte a great place to do business. Our expansive complex of warehouses and distribution centers are fully resourced to excel in total logistics and transportation demands for a broad range of industries. We also can route raw materials and goods to nearly every city in the U.S. through our freight brokerage division, IFB, using our network of less-than-truckload, LTL, and full-truckload, FTL, carriers, and we offer container drayage service with seaports in the Southeast to facilitate international logistics.

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