Retail Consolidation

Distribution Technology operates large distribution and retail consolidation centers for well-known national retailers.

Food and Beverage
We offer highly-rated food-grade warehouse and distribution in a rail-served facility with temperature controlled and refrigerated space.
Food Additives and Co-Products
Some of the largest multi-national companies and small to medium sized suppliers of the products that we see everyday in grocery stores trust Distribution Technology to keep their inventories safe.
Vitamins and Supplements

We partner with various health industry companies who produce vitamins and supplements in bulk storage and consumer ready packaging.

Our top rated food-grade facility has large coolers available with temperatures that can drop to 36 degrees to store a variety of product types.
Paper Products

Our inbound rail served building has clamping options to bring in and ship out large rolls of paper products in a range of sizes.

Packaging Materials

Companies involved in serving the food manufacturing supply chain choose Distribution Technology for their storage and distribution needs.

The company has hazardous and non-hazardous chemical storage options available in a dedicated facility featuring a flammable storage room.
Medical Equipment
Medical and dental equipment manufacturers trust Distribution Technology with their sensitive instrumentation.
Motor Parts
From nuts and bolts, transmissions to engines and turbines, Distribution Technology is flexible in its service for companies in this sector.
Metal Alloys and Casting Materials
Raw materials used in the manufacturing of a wide variety of finished goods move through our complex every day.
Oil and Wax Products
From food-grade oil and wax products, to craft industry supplies and sealing products, we support a diverse range of organizations on a daily basis.
Rubber Materials

We proudly partner with some of the world’s largest rubber manufacturers and tire and tread producers.

Sealant and Finishes

Commercial and retail suppliers of flooring sealants have grown their businesses with us over the years.

Textile Dyes

Textile supply chain materials are another industry we partner with and provide warehousing, color code matching and more.

Textile Products

Sheets, pillowcases, rugs and mats along with protective textile products sold to consumers, industries and first-responders.

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