Established in 1969 and incorporated in 1970, Distribution Technology is a privately-held, warehousing operation that has grown from 100,000 sqft and seven full-time employees to 1.2 million sqft and over 250 dedicated team members and coast-to-coast premier logistics partners.

Co-founded by Rock Miralia, who acquired full ownership in 1974, Distribution Technology has been an industry innovator since inception, focused on customer-centric logistics solutions.

The company quickly grew from warehousing support services to global logistics design, management and outsource support for clients as a result of continually expanding capability and ways to efficiently and effectively serve customers. From becoming North Carolina’s first Foreign Trade Zone #57 in 1979 to adding of our Transportation Division in 1982, Record Storage Systems in 1984, and Piedmont Distribution Centers, as well as Piedmont Pallet in 1992, Distribution Technology has proven that logistics can be a robust and vibrantly satisfying business when you keep a pulse on what customers need and require to succeed.

Tom and Mark Miralia joined Distribution Technology in 1988 as staff engineer and warehouse supervisor. Today, both Tom and Mark have active ownership interests in the organization, with Tom serving as President and CEO of Distribution Technology and Mark serving as a primary board member.  Two generations of leadership have practiced what the company preaches through savvy fiscal management and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Pride in ownership and serving customers extends beyond the family to our team members, which has resulted in numerous accolades including receiving: “Distribution Center of the Year” from Sam’s Club; “Best Performer” from Unilever; and “Third Party Consolidator of the Year” from Walmart.

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