Benefits of Using Our Integrated Transportation Company

June 15, 2020 | Company News, Third-Party Logistics (3PL)

Distribution Technology’s goal is straightforward—to make the supply chain as seamless as possible for our clients. You can count on us to get your shipment to its destination safely, damage free, on time, and at a competitive price, because everything is done here in house.

At our Charlotte campus, we have extremely active distribution facilities with more than 150 tractors and trailers available to meet your first-mile and final-mile transportation needs. In addition, we offer container drayage service to and from ocean port facilities in the Southeast, making international logistics easy.

“Our continuous, unbroken, and accelerated supply chain creates the seamless and consistent efficiency that is so important to our partners,” said David Define, director of client solutions.

Each client consults with a dedicated transportation supervisor; you do not speak to a different person each time you call. We see this relationship as integral to our developing a greater understanding of how your business operates. This is one way our transportation division works with our client services to further support our partners and enhance their growth.

Our warehousing and distribution operations store and stage your goods, and our transportation division ensures shipments leave and arrive when scheduled. Having a single partner handle all those functions is a huge advantage for our clients.

Distribution Technology’s own trucking company, PDC Trucking, operates with uniformed, certified company drivers and clean, well-maintained company tractors and trailers throughout the Carolinas, nearby Virginia, eastern Tennessee, Atlanta, and northern and coastal Georgia.

Our drivers, many with more than a decade or two with our company, realize they represent our partners to our partners’ customers. They take that responsibility very seriously as they move shipments door to door.

Our partners expect us to deliver more than just their products—they want us to deliver the message that they care about their customers’ needs. Our concern and attention to every detail clearly does that.

For goods going beyond the Southeast, we route through IFB, our freight brokerage division, “which gives us access to basically every city in the country through our network of LTL (less-than-truckload) and full-truckload carriers,” said John Moss, vice president of operations. “There’s not a place in the country we can’t reach.”

Distribution Technology runs every request for services through its Transportation Management System technology to determine the most cost-effective transportation method while ensuring client requirements are met.

“We make one phone call, and your load is picked up that day,” said Moss.

Most truckload orders ship out within 24 hours. LTL orders ship same day. Same-day full-truckload deliveries can be accommodated when required

“All shipments are tracked from the time they are picked up to the time they are delivered,” said Moss. “When problems occur, we proactively get involved to ensure timely arrival.”

Meeting our clients’ requirements is our definition of success, and Distribution Technology has metrics to measure performance in all major areas including on-time pickup, on-time delivery, damage-free delivery, and invoicing accuracy.

“We excel in all four, with data to back that up,” said Moss.

Additional key performance metrics can be customized according to our partners’ needs.

Complete, accurate invoices with backup documentation that reflect all changes are created daily and are usually issued within two days of the delivery date.

Our price for a full truckload is a flat rate from point A to point B or a rate per mile, and we simplify LTL pricing and freight invoice auditing by using FAK (freight all kinds) rating where it makes sense. In all cases, a client’s pricing program is customized to maximize cost efficiency and ensure maximum carrier performance.

Whether we are moving textile products, medical equipment, chemicals, hazardous materials, raw materials, refurbished wheelchairs for a local nonprofit organization or food to feed our nation during a pandemic, we care about our partners, their customers, our employees, and the end users. With our integrated system of transportation, warehousing, and distribution, Distribution Technology can deliver your goods safely, correctly, on time, and at an excellent price.