6 Distribution Solutions for Warehouses in Charlotte, North Carolina

May 12, 2022 | Third-Party Logistics (3PL)

Even though the pandemic is winding down, its effects are still rippling across every industry. Finding good labor is difficult, and logistics issues abound. Creating a stable logistics chain may seem impossible.

Enter 3PL technology! With a partner on your side, you can bolster your delivery and distribution solutions. Keep reading to learn how a robust supply chain is just around the corner!

What is 3PL Technology?

Third-party logistics refers to outsourcing warehousing and delivery in your company’s supply chain. Instead of relying (in whole or part) on internal logistics, you enlist the services of another company. 

Partnering with a 3PL company provides a lot of benefits. You won’t have to create or manage an internal logistics crew. A good 3PL partner is an expert in their industry, providing stellar service. 

3PL includes warehousing and distribution centers, inbound and outbound shipping, and local delivery. Not every 3PL provider handles every aspect, so it’s important to compare your business needs to potential provider’s services. 

6 Distribution Solutions in Charlotte

Businesses operating in the mid-Atlantic and beyond need dedicated solutions to support their logistics. Charlotte, NC, is a popular location due to its central access to major roadways and railyards. 

If you’re looking to host your logistics in Charlotte, you’ll need a partner capable of supporting every angle of your supply chain. From warehousing to imports, your logistics needs it all! Keep reading to learn about six solutions available in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

1. Warehousing

No matter what your business is, storing your product requires a lot of space. Your 3PL partner needs to be an expert in warehousing to accommodate your goods.  

Keeping a warehouse operating properly requires laser focus. Organization is key to ensuring products are accessible and accounted for. If you’re dealing with specialty goods, you’ll also need storage built to handle those requirements.

Refrigeration, liquid storage, and hazardous materials require more than just a basic warehouse. The staff must be trained to handle these goods, and the facilities must be designed to accommodate the products safely and securely. 

2. Transportation Management

Warehousing is just one aspect of your supply chain. But it does you nor your customers any good to have your products sitting around forever!

Not every 3PL provides transportation management. Those that do provide a more resilient supply chain. From lowered costs to improved service, your company will be able to manage the flow of goods from production to storage to sales. 

Whether it’s a finished product or raw materials, uninterrupted integration generates improved productivity. Your goods get to where they’re needed sooner!

3. E-Commerce Fulfillment

E-commerce is only growing, and a 3PL that cannot serve this market will be left behind. A good partner not only provides this service but also understands the industry. 

They work with you to integrate your business model and provide you with the data you need. Whether you’re dealing with beverages or consumer products, your 3PL should handle it all!

Clear reporting and integration with your datasets enable you to make informed decisions. A partnership like this helps you grow your business without worrying about the supply chain. 

4. Manufacturing Support

Manufacturing is a difficult enterprise, and poor logistics make it harder to scale and grow. Managing the flow of materials isn’t easy, and without a capable partner, you’ll get left behind.

You need a partner that can handle it all, from storage of raw materials to just-in-time delivery and finished goods. With a competent partner evolving with the latest 3PL technology, you can rest assured. 

You’ll be able to keep tabs on production and shipping, improving your supply chain. Your focus can shift to growing your business instead of worrying about logistics. 

5. Imports

What good is a 3PL partner if they can’t assist you with imports? From imports, exports, and container trans-loading, you need a partner to handle it all. Getting access to the global supply chain opens the doors to new possibilities. 

Managing the flow of containers in and out of ports requires an experienced partner. Whether you’re located in or out of the US, a 3PL company secures your logistics and reduces overhead. 

3PLs without experience in imports will not be able to provide a seamless, smooth flow of goods and materials. Your costs will be higher, and your quality of service will suffer.

6. Direct Rail Access

3PL technology includes direct access to rail networks. Though plenty of shipping takes place through trucks, a partner with rail access opens the door to more options. Rail access grants your business agility and resilience against disruptions.

Whether from truck to boxcar, container, or intermodal, an experienced partner can get your goods where they’re needed using the most cost-effective methods. Rail is often cheaper for bulk goods and moving lots of material to the same location.

Rail freight often comes with shorter lead times, improving your time to market and boosting your shipping ability. If rail access is critical for your business, you need an experienced company with rail partnerships. 3PLs without this partnership won’t be able to serve your needs effectively. 

Distribution Technology

3PL technology and service are our expertise! Here at Distribution Technology, we focus on providing the best logistics and supply chain management so you can focus on growing your business. We offer dedicated solutions to every industry, from raw goods to e-commerce and consumer goods. 

We’d be glad to serve you if you need a proven 3PL partner. We’ve got you covered with over 1.2 million square feet of warehousing space and dedicated solutions. If you’re looking to shore up your supply chain and improve your bottom line, contact us today!